Let Trisha bring your event to life...

"Psychic phenomena" and "the paranormal" are now incredibly popular and are considered to be great fun at private parties and corporate events. Everyone loves to know more about themselves and queues soon appear when Trisha is part of the corporate team - even leaving journalists lost for words! 

Here are just some of the fantastic ways in which Trisha can bring your event to life. If you have any alternative ideas then please do not hesitate to contact Trisha and discuss them in more detail.

Private Parties

A nice evening in the comfort of your own home with a group of friends can provide a refreshing alternative to the prospective hustle and bustle of a night on the tiles. Trisha can share her 30+ years experience giving you all an evening to remember. Prices are a flat fee dependent on distance traveled so please telephone 07702 757162 or E-mail for further information and pricing.

Option 1: Individual readings on a one-to-one basis with taped sittings.
Option 2:


Plan a home party for a group of 12 people  individual messages round an open circle 
To demonstrate mediumship and engage personal messages from loved ones and guides in the divine spirit world


Option 3:

Development workshop, giving you and your friends the opportunity to begin to developing your own psychic and mediumistic abilities.

 Corporate Events

Trisha can add the 'je ne sais quoi' to your product launch, corporate hospitality or staff event. Representing your company with integrity, simply in an entertainment capacity or with a more serious agenda in mind, you can be assured of a great success. To discuss your event further please telephone 07702 757162 or E-mail

Option 1: Individual readings on a one-to-one basis with taped sittings
Option 3:

Staff workshops to promote team building and provide a break from the stresses of the office. Workshops can be provided in an entertainment capacity or focus on skills like relaxation and meditation, positive thinking, and using ones intuitive skills.