Trisha has experienced what many would deem to be an incredibly tough childhood but her resolve remains strong.  After all, she philosophises, how could she be the medium she is today without enduring all she has been through?  It is this pain and experience, she feels, that enables her to understand and comfort others; the sorrow that she has had to overcome through love, acceptance and compassion that has meant that spirit has supported her and talked to her all her life.

Created in an act of love between a gypsy and teenage nun, Trisha was raised in a convent with eight other children. She formed a special bond with Sister Marina who she eventually found out was her birth mother. Life was basic with many hours of solitude and by the age of seven Trisha was adept at conversing regularly with the not so 'imaginary friends' that kept her company until her life was shattered by her mother hanging herself.

Trisha was sent to Hong Kong to a "new family" where life was finally settled, secure and comfortable until the bubble burst yet again... The death of Trisha's 'new father' led her 'new mother' to turn to prostitution so the two could survive and from there life became increasingly difficult.

By the time Trisha was 10 her mother was addicted to drugs and, through the dulling of her alertness, would turn a blind eye to her dealer's persistent advances on her young daughter. Trisha had no-one for support but spirit and underwent repeated abuse before, in one very brave attempt to defend herself, her aggressor was stabbed.

She was subsequently deported back to England where she was taken in to a Dr Barnardo's orphanage before eventually, at the age of 12, being adopted by Walter, a kind spiritual RAF man and tireless charity worker, whose compassionate nature had been moved by her story. Trisha's life had once again become settled and secure but this was, again, not to last as he died on an RAF expedition in Burma, his wife Edna subsequently suffering a breakdown.

At 15, Trisha moved to live with Edna's brother and wife who encouraged her communication with spirit and she started to understand her clairvoyance (the ability to see events) and clairaudience (the ability to hear spirit). Her life experience beyond her years had already made her into a strong medium and, on leaving school, she began doing readings professionally and demonstrating in the spiritualist churches.

Trisha continues to do private readings and demonstrations on stage and in spiritual churches. Her instruction from spirit is to "give people proof that there is life-after-life" which she does with LOVE, TRUTH and LIGHT.